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#100dayproject Day 83 & #icad2020 27/61

#100dayproject — Day 83

I know it looks like a crayon drawing. But I had fun. I need different pinks and I don’t have pastel colors for the background or highlights, but those are on order and I will try …

#100dayproject Day 81 & #icad2020 25/61

#100dayproject — Day 81

I saw a painting on Pinterest that inspired this. I began with straight watercolor. I liked the thin clouds in the sky. The grass was boring. So, I followed with a rub of soft pastel yellow-green …

#100dayproject Day 80 & #icad2020 24/61

#100dayproject — Day 80

I still love watercolors! I like making these postcards to mail out to friends and family.

#icad2020 — 24/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

Another quick card done in soft pastels, my favorite new medium. So …

#100dayproject Day 79 & #icad2020 23/61

#100dayproject — Day 79

This painting’s a case of not knowing when to throw in the towel. LOL

#icad2020 — 23/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

I love pastels!! So fun and fast. Such intense, soft colors.

#100dayproject Day 78 & #icad2020 22/61

#100dayproject — Day 78

My first portrait! I know, I’ll never be a “realistic” painter. #1 — I don’t have the patience or time for detail. “#2 — I really do love this style of art. For this, I used …

#100dayproject Day 77 & #icad2020 21/61

#100dayproject — Day 77

My inspiration for this was a painting I saw on Pinterest. I think I got the colors, the overall theme, but that other painting was so much better in the execution. However, I’m learning, and I …

#100dayproject Day 76 & #icad2020 20/61

#100dayproject — Day 76

Again, using up colors on my watercolor palette.

#icad2020 — 20/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

More fun with my soft pastels…

#100dayproject Day 75 & #icad2020 19/61

#100dayproject — Day 75

Just 25 days to go to complete this challenge! And I’ve grown in confidence, tried new things. I know which directions I want to head when I’m through!

#icad2020 — 19/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

#100dayproject Day 73 & #icad2020 17/61

#100dayproject — Day 73

I began by watercoloring the background, the top half in yellow and the bottom in gray. Then I used soft pastels to do the rest. It was so much fun! And I love what I did. …

#100dayproject Day 62 & #icad2020 6/61

#100dayproject — Day 62

I’m in love with soft pastels. Enough so, I ordered more colors! They’re crumbly, hard to draw a straight line with, easily smudgeable—what’s not to love? 🙂 I think what makes me happy is their texture …

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