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#100dayproject Day 87 & #icad2020 31/61

#100dayproject — Day 87

A water-doodle. I have too much “empty space” (for me) above the flowers, but I’ll take some time and think about what I want there later.

#icad2020 — 31/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

This is …

#100dayproject Day 86 & #icad2020 30/61

#100dayproject — Day 86

I was actually trying to do a simple landscape, but the colors moved more than I wanted (I know, too much water) and the plants I panted at the bottom looked like something out of a …

#100dayproject Day 85 & #icad2020 29/61

#100dayproject — Day 85

Back to water-doodles! I love them, even when they turn out kind of wonky. They are truly great for meditation. No thoughts. No stress. Just clearing the old gray matter of any problems from the day.…

#100dayproject Day 69 & #icad2020 13/61

#100dayproject — Day 69

I felt like plopping and doodling today. Something simple, but timewise, a bit consuming. Total fun, though.

#icad2020 — 13/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

And I couldn’t leave that theme alone…

#100dayproject Day 65 & #icad2020 9/61

#100dayproject — Day 65

Another water-doodle. This one I plan to cut up into circles and use in collaging. I love doodling when I need to clear my mind!

#icad2020 — 9/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

This was a …

#100dayproject Day 60 & #icad2020 4/61

#100dayproject — Day 60

This catches me up!! I painted a bookmark on black mixed media paper using metallic acrylic paint (what was left over from the Day 59 project because I hate waste!).

#icad2020 — 4/61
(Index Card a

#100dayproject — Day 51

Day 51

I love this water-doodle. I used three watercolors—a yellow, a blue, and a green—and mixed them to get all those variations of color. Then I used white gouache for the leaves, Neocolors for some smudgy marks, and Posca …

#100dayproject — Day 36

Day 36

Back to my comfort zone! I had leftover watercolor paint in my palette, so I used that then doodled all over it. It’s another postcard. I’m going to have to send some of these out! 🙂

#100dayproject — Day 33

Day 33

I’m behind! I spent yesterday helping the little one make a gift for her mother instead of working on my own art, so I have a little catchup to do. Hope to be on schedule again tomorrow! This …

#100dayproject — Day 23

I’m running a little behind. It’s been busy here at the house. I haven’t written in two days, which is BAD when I have a book due in the very near future. But we will persevere!

Day 23

This entry …

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