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More Mini Journal Pages

Well, I finished it. The entire book is cute. Not a great work of art or anything, but proof it’s possible to work in such a small form. I’m going to do it again. Not too soon, but I loved …

Mini Journal Class

I took a little art class online (#bybunΒ on Instagram) to learn how to make mini art journals and fill the pages. I still have three more “spreads” to complete, but I thought I’d share. They begin with …


Before I say goodbye to the #ICAD2020 challenge, here’s what I created over those 61 days. I’ll admit, the format annoyed me. I didn’t like the texture of the index cards, and no amount of texturizing ground or gesso would …

#icad2020 47/61

#icad2020 β€” 47/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

I love “smoosh” cards. Sometimes, I have leftover paint on a palette or palette paper. I like to drop paper over it and flatten it to scoop up all the leftovers because …

#100dayproject Day 94 & #icad2020 38/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 94

Yikes. This was one of those I wished I could have shouted at myself to just STOP! Ah well, another great lesson in what not to do. It’s a journey. πŸ™‚

#icad2020 β€” 38/61
(Index Card

#100dayproject Day 93 & #icad2020 37/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 93

Another gouache painting! And I love this one. I bought a thin red frame to go around it and plan to hang it somewhere in the house. Just blooms and flower petals…

#icad2020 β€” 37/61

#100dayproject Day 88 & #icad2020 32/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 88

I painted this on a tiny 3×3 black canvas using metallic acrylic paint. The paint was still wet when I took the picture. I tried to leave outlines where the black canvas showed through just for …

#100dayproject Day 85 & #icad2020 29/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 85

Back to water-doodles! I love them, even when they turn out kind of wonky. They are truly great for meditation. No thoughts. No stress. Just clearing the old gray matter of any problems from the day.…

#100dayproject Day 84 & #icad2020 28/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 84

My third ever acrylic painting! So, I did it quickly. Freehanded. A mistake, but as a writer, I’m not much for plotting there either. So, I screwed up the tabletop under the plant and couldn’t fix …

#100dayproject Day 83 & #icad2020 27/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 83

I know it looks like a crayon drawing. But I had fun. I need different pinks and I don’t have pastel colors for the background or highlights, but those are on order and I will try …

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