The Emerald Casket
Another step closer…

We’ve slow as turtles getting our store together. And in the meantime, decided we’d set one up on Etsy since it’s so simple! We’ll keep this site for when we get a little more sophisticated and figure out how to set up a shopping cart. And we’ll blog occasionally to tell you about our finds and our process setting up an online store and trying to fit running it into our already busy lives.

In the meantime, we’ve set up a Facebook page and would really appreciate you dropping by to “Like” it!

Here’s the link:  The Emerald Casket on Facebook

Coming Soon!

The Emerald Casket is a brand new adventure for Delilah Devlin, her daughter Kelly, and friends. They’re busy building inventory—lots of jewelry and “Junk in the Trunk” finds—that they’ll be offering here for your delight! In the next few weeks, they’ll be adding inventory and blogging about their new venture. Stay tuned…

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