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Getting back to it…

This will be short. I injured my left hand and put out my back, so sitting for long or typing is hard. However, I wanted to share some things I managed to do this past week despite the adversity.…

#icad2020 60/61

#icad2020 — 60/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

One more day… Today’s entry is a silver rainbow. It’s not planned. Not well thought out. I just sit and doodle until the card looks “full”. 🙂

#icad2020 46/61

#icad2020 — 46/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

I know. It’s a busy mess. LOL

#100dayproject Day 96 & #icad2020 40/61

#100dayproject — Day 96

I love this! Although, pastels are not easy to get between the lines!!!! Don’t care. Next time, I’ll use a darker paper so the white pops a bit more. And I’ll try to “fill in” the …

#100dayproject — Day 49

Day 49

I subscribed to a monthly subscription box at I like the idea of getting different kinds of art supplies every month because then I feel like I HAVE to try something new. A recent box included …

#100dayproject — Day 45

Day 45

So, here’s what happens when you have no clue what you want to paint, but you have pretty colors on your palette… I have no clue where I was going with this, but hey, it’s the #100dayproject. The …

#100dayproject — Day 43

Day 43

So, by now, doing art every day is a habit. I hope. Feels like it, though. 🙂 When I take breaks during the day from my “real” job, I have to walk past the art table to get …

#100dayproject — Day 37

Day 37

This one actually took three days to complete. I used leftover paint on my watercolor palette then used black and gold pens to doodle.

#100dayproject — Day 34

Day 34

Another quickie. I decided it would be all leaves with some of my favorite paints. I had a new tube of French Ochre I wanted to try out, too!

#100dayproject — Day 32

Day 32

Just a quickie postcard. It’s in watercolor, Neo Crayons and a Posco pen.

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