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#100dayproject — Day 49

Day 49

I subscribed to a monthly subscription box at I like the idea of getting different kinds of art supplies every month because then I feel like I HAVE to try something new. A recent box included …

#100dayproject — Day 45

Day 45

So, here’s what happens when you have no clue what you want to paint, but you have pretty colors on your palette… I have no clue where I was going with this, but hey, it’s the #100dayproject. The …

#100dayproject — Day 43

Day 43

So, by now, doing art every day is a habit. I hope. Feels like it, though. 🙂 When I take breaks during the day from my “real” job, I have to walk past the art table to get …

#100dayproject — Day 37

Day 37

This one actually took three days to complete. I used leftover paint on my watercolor palette then used black and gold pens to doodle.

#100dayproject — Day 34

Day 34

Another quickie. I decided it would be all leaves with some of my favorite paints. I had a new tube of French Ochre I wanted to try out, too!

#100dayproject — Day 32

Day 32

Just a quickie postcard. It’s in watercolor, Neo Crayons and a Posco pen.

#100dayproject — Day 31

Day 31

I used a round brush on its side to plop down paint on one of my watercolor paper postcards. I call it, “School of Fish.” Brilliant, right? 🙂

The picture doesn’t let you see how the lighter aqua …

#100dayproject — Day 26

Day 26

More tiny photo slides! I liked the trees better. Maybe I should have sketched the little barns first. Perspective is wonky. Still fun, though! 🙂

#100dayproject — Day 24

Day 24

This is a teeny-tiny watercolor framed in a photo slide, for an idea of just how small it is. I love it! It was so much fun to do. I used layers of brown and green watercolor paint …

#100dayproject — Day 17

Day 17

And I’m all caught up! Watercolor and pen. An abstract botanical. My dd loves this one. We’ve been redecorating the living room 70s style. Maybe it’s the colors or the large shapes, but she wants this framed for …

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