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#icad2020 57/61, plus…

#icad2020 — 57/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best at drawing animals…. This was taken from a photo of our goat Phil inside the goat pen. It’s done in pastels, which are hard to …

#icad2020 50/61

#icad2020 — 50/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

I’m happy with this soft pastel pic. I used an eyeshadow applicator to smudge bits of the flowers, and it made them look almost translucent. Nice.

#icad2020 49/61

#icad2020 — 49/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

Back to soft pastels! I love them so much, even though they’re messy and hard to protect once you’re finished! But they make me feel free! And, for me, it’s easy to …

#100dayproject Day 100

#100dayproject — Day 100

I took a break today from the #icad2020 challenge because the #100dayproject ends today. I’m sad about that because I’ve learned so much during this challenge. I’ve tried new things and produced something every darn day

#100dayproject Day 99 & #icad2020 43/61

#100dayproject — Day 99

I love this!! And I’m framing it for my desk. It’s 6×8 inches, so I’ll make a space. I’m so happy I started this challenge because I never would have had the confidence to tackle something …

#100dayproject Day 98 & #icad2020 42/61

#100dayproject — Day 98

Not a lot of time, again, after a full day of editing. So, I pulled out the soft pastels and started scribbling. I can’t wait until I have time to do some intricate drawings with them. …

#100dayproject Day 94 & #icad2020 38/61

#100dayproject — Day 94

Yikes. This was one of those I wished I could have shouted at myself to just STOP! Ah well, another great lesson in what not to do. It’s a journey. 🙂

#icad2020 — 38/61
(Index Card