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#100dayproject Day 62 & #icad2020 6/61

#100dayproject — Day 62

I’m in love with soft pastels. Enough so, I ordered more colors! They’re crumbly, hard to draw a straight line with, easily smudgeable—what’s not to love? 🙂 I think what makes me happy is their texture …

#100dayproject — Day 52

Day 52

I’m well over the hump! 48 days to go! I love this challenge! This piece includes a strip of art paper in the center that I love. Then I watercolored the other two strips and doodled with gold …

#100dayproject — Day 19

Day 19

This is a bookmark made from stamps, bits of fabric and recycled paper scraps…

And it’s made from Day 14’s messy results. Terrible by itself, but pretty when you cut it up! 🙂

#100dayproject — Days 7 thru 11

Due to a power outage, I’m behind posting my new project pieces. See what I’ve been doing!

Day 7

I think this one’s my favorite so far. I love simple watercolor blocks filled with doodles!

Day 8

I don’t know …

#100dayproject — Day 6

Okay, so this is made of mistakes. Lesson: Nothing is ever wasted with a crafter!

So, I painted two things last night, and I hated both! I trashed one altogether, but I cut up the other into bits I could …

#100dayproject — Day 1

Here’s day 1’s effort. Had to collage because I wrote so long today I didn’t have time to paint anything. 99 more days to go!

My second collage ever!

Here’s the result of the final assignment of that online class I took provided by Laura Horn. I quite like this one!

My first collage since…ever!

No, this isn’t part of the #100daychallenge, but it could have been. That starts on Tuesday for me. I’m taking Laura Horn’s online collage class, and I followed all the lessons (so, now I’m an expert 🙂 ). I chose …


This is something else I’m going to do while I’m self-quarantined for the foreseeable future. Starting on next Tuesday, I’m going to produce something involving paint, pen, or collage, every single day—for 100 days.

I know setting challenges like these …

What to do while on lockdown? Take a class!

I’m busy, of course, working. I still have to write and edit other authors’ books, but all work and no play will drive anyone nuts. So, I’m taking an online course from one of my favorite artists, a woman named …