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#100dayproject Day 62 & #icad2020 6/61

#100dayproject — Day 62

I’m in love with soft pastels. Enough so, I ordered more colors! They’re crumbly, hard to draw a straight line with, easily smudgeable—what’s not to love? 🙂 I think what makes me happy is their texture …

#100dayproject Day 61 & #icad2020 5/61

#100dayproject — Day 61

My first time using soft pastels. My dd thinks my flower looks like a muppet and told me NOT to post it. But this whole challenge is about producing something every day and learning something new!…

#100dayproject Day 60 & #icad2020 4/61

#100dayproject — Day 60

This catches me up!! I painted a bookmark on black mixed media paper using metallic acrylic paint (what was left over from the Day 59 project because I hate waste!).

#icad2020 — 4/61
(Index Card a

#100dayproject Day 59 & #icad2020 3/61

#100dayproject — Day 59

I’m behind a day, but I’ll catch up! This is metallic acrylic on a small 3×3 black canvas.

#icad2020 — 3/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

#100dayproject Day 58 & #icad2020 2/61

#100dayproject — Day 58

I know. Same theme. However, my dd asked me for one in her living room colors, so I said yes. 🙂

#icad2020 — 2/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

This was fun. I cut watercolor paper …

#100dayproject Day 57 & #icad2020 1/61

Okay, double the difficulty? I now have two ongoing challenges: the #100dayproject and the #icad2020 challenge. This won’t be confusing at all. Doing one piece a day, and trying to do something good-ish, or at least experimenting with new media …

#100dayproject — Day 56

Day 56

Same colors as yesterday. My dd asked me to paint this using her living room colors, because she wants to frame it. So, my first commission! LOL


Day 55

I’ve been studying videos with painting lessons like crazy lately. One artist in particular is CeeCee Creations. She had a video for loose leaves, and I tried recreating it. Of course, mine doesn’t look like hers. She’s got …

#100dayproject — Day 54

Day 54

I made another painted paper for collaging. ICAD (Index Card a Day) begins next week, and I want to have something to kick off the creativity, so…collage! I love an art challenge because it keeps my feet to …

#100dayproject — Day 53

Day 53

I’m starting to think ahead to the ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge, so for the next few days, I’m painting cheap paper (printables on computer paper) to use in collage work on the cards. Here’s my first …

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