The Emerald Casket

The Shop’s Reopened!

My Etsy shop’s been closed forever. There was never a “good time” to open it back up. I’d say, “I need more stock,” or “I don’t have time to do everything—the photos, the measurements, the promo—perfectly,” so I never got around to doing it. Well, the perfect time is never going to arrive, but I’m opening anyway.

Here’s the link to the shop so you can check it out: The Emerald Casket Etsy Store. As well, I have a new Instagram page to post about new offerings or works in progress: The Emerald Casket on Instagram.

I’ve only posted a few items in the shop, so far, but I have a huge stash of things to get ready. I’ll post them as I can. When I have the time. I figure if I do just one or two a day, soon I’ll have a full “shelf” of items. And hopefully, eventually, there will be something there for everyone’s tastes.

What do I hope to get into the store? The things I’ve created and that I love. I make jewelry, paint canvases and dominoes, make mixed media journals… I also write books, and I think offering signed copies in the Etsy store would be something fun I can do for readers. Plus, I want to add some of my daughter’s work. She’s very talented—makes lovely children’s hair bows and funny signage. I’ll push her to get something ready.

Here are a few photos of current listings. The postcard bundles are fun!

I’m still trying to get the photography right. I bought special lamps for “natural” lighting, but these photos still look a little dim. Maybe I’ll always have to wait for a sunlit day to take my photos outside. I’ll get better. I was tired of waiting for “perfect.” 🙂

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