The Emerald Casket

#icad2020 49/61

#icad2020 — 49/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

Back to soft pastels! I love them so much, even though they’re messy and hard to protect once you’re finished! But they make me feel free! And, for me, it’s easy to create an image I like. Today, the image of a tumbleweed popped into my brain, so I googled tumbleweed images and found the one at the top of the page. Then I went to work. I think I captured it well. Yes, it’s a bunch of ivory, brown, and yellow scratches, but it looks like it has dimension (there are lots of layers of squiggles).

My dd didn’t like it at all. She said it looked like one of her cat’s coughed-up furballs. 🙂 There’s always a critic.

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