The Emerald Casket

#100dayproject Day 94 & #icad2020 38/61

#100dayproject β€” Day 94

Yikes. This was one of those I wished I could have shouted at myself to just STOP! Ah well, another great lesson in what not to do. It’s a journey. πŸ™‚

#icad2020 β€” 38/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

And this was another huge lesson. I wanted a dark background for my card, but couldn’t find my black gesso. So, I thought, Why not paint it with acrylic paint? I used midnight blue. I did the drawing, loved it, then sprayed it with a special fixative for pastels.

Uh. Holy shit. The acrylic paint bled through from the bottom, and it was purple. I did not want to start all over again with a new idea, so I got out the pastels again and drew over the original, ruined drawing. It’s not as nice as the first one I made, but I’m for sure not spraying it now!

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