The Emerald Casket

#100dayproject Day 84 & #icad2020 28/61

#100dayproject — Day 84

My third ever acrylic painting! So, I did it quickly. Freehanded. A mistake, but as a writer, I’m not much for plotting there either. So, I screwed up the tabletop under the plant and couldn’t fix it with more green paint, so I scraped my paintbrush in the leftover paint I had on my palette and smooshed it onto the green. I kind of like it. Looks like I have a tablecloth under the vase now. Happy mistakes. I’ll have to try that again with a little more forethought. (Nah!)

#icad2020 — 28/61
(Index Card a Day 2020)

My second acrylic painting ever. I really like the fact you can load your brush with more than one color and that you can go over what you painted again and again… Very forgiving! (Unlike watercolor!)

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