The Emerald Casket

#100dayproject — Day 43

Day 43

So, by now, doing art every day is a habit. I hope. Feels like it, though. 🙂 When I take breaks during the day from my “real” job, I have to walk past the art table to get out of my office, and I always glance down to see what’s there—what’s in progress, what paint is on my palette, what new thing is there that I purchased and needs experimenting with. I’m really enjoying “playing” with paper and paint, and not caring so much about making something wonderful, so much as I’m caring about learning how to use the things I have—paint, brushes, paper…

These ATCs were done on the fly. Just a quick slap of paint to play with pattern and color. I’m thinking these two ATCs should be glued to the backs of each other. Maybe they don’t look special to anyone else, but they make me happy.

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