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My first collage since…ever!

No, this isn’t part of the #100daychallenge, but it could have been. That starts on Tuesday for me. I’m taking Laura Horn’s online collage class, and I followed all the lessons (so, now I’m an expert 🙂 ). I chose different kinds of papers, painted all over them. Marked them up then cut them. Gluing them was the trickiest part! I made such a mess. All the white space on the right makes me want to fill it up, but I had to make myself stop. So, maybe I should stick to writing, but this was fun!


One comment to “My first collage since…ever!”

  1. ButtonsMom2003
    April 6th, 2020 at 6:37 pm · Link

    I truly admire your artistic talent; I have none at all. 🙁