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2016 — A Journaling Year

If you know me as a writer through my other website,, then you also know that one of my newly found passions is art. I began fashioning jewelry from game pieces, like dominoes and scrabble tiles, mostly decoupaging, because I didn’t believe I really had an artistic bone in my body.

Along the way, I gained confidence. So much so, that I’ve added new skills—watercolor painting, mixed media art, etc. I’m learning, but also producing some things that frankly surprise me. However, art has always taken a backseat to my writing, after all, that’s what pays the bills. But while I scramble to produce new words and find new venues to sell my writings, I’ve used art as an escape hatch—a place I can still play and find real joy in creating.

Lately, I’ve become enamored with the new craze of art journaling. I’ve pinterested like crazy, collecting ideas and examples (see my Art Journals/Smashbooks board!). This year, I set a goal to explore new techniques and capture what I learn in my own journal. And I’m dragging my daughter along with me. I bought us both Strathmore Visual Journals. She’s planning to mostly practice Zentangle throughout the year. Maybe she’ll let me share what she creates here. I’ll share my efforts, whether they are successful or not. I’m learning. Maybe some of you will be inspired to give this journaling thing a go, too!

So, here goes. A fresh notebook with lovely, thick white pages. All blank. All waiting for me to fill them up! Gah! The pressure!journalCapture

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  1. Delilah Devlin
    January 8th, 2016 at 2:08 pm · Link

    Update! My dd has agreed to post her entries too! And if any of you are keeping a journal and want to share yours, let me know. I’d love to include them!