The Emerald Casket

Just dropping in…

The months since I opened this site and my Etsy store have been incredibly busy—unfortunately, not with things to do with The Emerald Casket. My writing life is in hyper-drive, and my daughter Kelly is opening a business in town. So my attention has been pulled away from jewelry-making, which makes me sad. I’ve made a few pieces and have shared pictures of them on my Facebook page, but haven’t added anything new to the store in weeks.

After the hoopla of shop opening in May, I’m hoping to do more fun stuff. By the way, it’s a framing shop. Perfect, right? We both love artists, love to dabble in our own art, and now she’s making it part of our lives in a very practical way.

Kelly and I still try new things out for “fit.” This past weekend, we took a Zentangle workshop. Here is a photo of my very first piece.

Bird cropped_650

Follow your passion and you’ll find your joy. ~Delilah Devlin

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