The Emerald Casket

A little bit here and there…

Kelly and I both have busy lives. We’ve thought about making jewelry, for fun and for profit, for a long time. We kept waiting for the right time… When things slowed down… When the kids were a little older… Finally, we realized there would never be a perfect time to open the store. We just had to do it and see what happened.

I’m a full time writer, and like most folks who are passionate about their work, it’s much more than a full-time job. My daughter is a full-time student and mother of two (very soon to be three!), as well as my office assistant, so her hands are full, too.

Where do we find the time to create? It’s not easy. And we’re stymied right now because I’m the only one taking pictures and I have to take about twenty pictures per piece to get a few that show well online. Then there’s the photo-shopping, the writing up the description for the Etsy site, etc. I really have to stop making excuses and just do it, because we have lots of inventory you’ve never seen.

But back to finding time to create… We both have to use little windows of downtime. When I’m stuck in a story and need to move away from my desk to think, it’s the perfect time to pull out beads or paint. I can let my mind wander to whatever problem I’m having with the current story, while I let the other part of my mind enjoy something really relaxing, almost like meditation, but so much more productive.  Kelly has the added obstacle of trying to escape her house and family to come here to work, since everything is set up in our little crowded workroom.

We make time, because we love doing this. And if we manage to sell enough to pay for the supplies, we’ll be able to keep our doors open. Bead-therapy is expensive!

Did you see the latest stack?


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