The Emerald Casket

We finally have a store!

Since last year, Kelly and I have been making jewelry. We geared up in the summer so that we could participate in the Studio Art Tour, which is an annual event here in our little neck of the woods. Before that, we never felt particularly talented. But a funny thing happened. The more we experimented and succeeded, the better we got. Who knew we would discover we have an eye for color and shape, or that we could master so many different techniques? We still consider some of what we do craft, but a lot of what we do now is certainly art.

After we started gaining some confidence, we dreamed big, brainstorming where we wanted to be in one, five, and ten years time. We’re at the one year mark and we’ve reached our first goal—we have an online store! It’s not on this site, not yet. We’ve had some bumps and starts trying to figure out how to set up a shopping basket and all, but Etsy provides us another venue, so for a while, all we’ll have active on this site is our blog, where we will talk about what we’re doing, where we travel, and our fun junk store finds. Our Etsy shop will be where you can purchase what we put up for sale!

So we invite you to come in and take a look around. There aren’t that many items offered at the moment because I’m still taking pictures, but come “favorite” us so that you can find us again, and be sure to drop by here and see what we’re doing.

The Emerald Casket on Etsy

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